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About Us

New Mexican Style custom wood door Santa Fe NM

What We Do

We offer custom-made doors, gates, decks, cabinetry, and windows, including restoration and installations. Our wide range of services will surprise you. As a local company, we regularly provide promotions and discounts. We offer a one-year warranty on every job. Choosing Authentic Wood Doors means supporting local businesses and trusting your project to the best hands. We believe wooden doors should leave a lasting impression. Our craftsmen meticulously select high-quality wood for durability, strength, and beauty. Each door is carefully designed and handcrafted with attention to detail, including intricate carvings and elegant finishes. Whether you prefer traditional, rustic, or contemporary designs, we are dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship.

Established in 2019.

Authentic Wood Doors is a company founded by Héctor Rodríguez Ruiz in 2019 in Santa Fe County, NM. The company's beginnings were hindered by a pandemic that was sweeping the world, in addition to the regular challenges that a young and newly established company faces. However, Authentic Wood Doors managed to withstand those setbacks and, proudly, thanks to the best community of customers in the world, we are now established in the county. We have expanded our team with more skilled professionals. Currently, we take pride in the fact that we are working with entities such as the "San Vincent Regional Cancer Center," as well as serving the homes of hundreds of residents in Santa Fe and its surrounding areas.


Who We Are

Custom Wood Shelves for guns and ammo Santa Fe New Mexico


Meet Hector

Hector Rodriguez Ruiz Authentic Wood Doors's Owner


Hector Rodriguez Ruiz


I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but have been living in this beautiful community of Santa Fe, NM for over 20 years, which has warmly embraced me. In 2020, I embarked on the adventure of opening my own business, armed with the audacity and experience gained from almost 20 years of work. Today, this business is not only my livelihood and a source of professional growth but also supports my family. I am pleased to have made this decision.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Google Review

Hector custom-made a patio security door for my home. It is not only utilitarian but artistic so it enhances the look of my patio. I appreciate the quality workmanship, the beauty of the finished piece as well as his professionalism from start to finish. Hector kept me informed throughout the process with both pictures and texts.

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